Terms and conditions


The Hunter Association aims to be an informal, internet based, association where members can share their knowledge, experiences and find inspiration in owning a British built Hunter.

The Hunter Association shall be open to anyone, national or international, who owns, part owns or is associated with a British Hunter boat or anyone with a genuine interest min Hunter boats, past and present.

Associate Member

If you are a partner or regular crew of a Hunter Association Full Member, or part own a Hunter boat, you can become an Associate Member.  Contact your Full Member who can send you an invitation by accessing his or her account at My Profile.

Associate members are not required to pay a subscription and will not receive printed materials (e.g. magazine) unless spare copies are available.  They are welcome at all Hunter Association arranged events, but will not have voting rights at meetings.

Entrance and membership fee

The entrance and membership fee is set annually by the committee, and is subject to change in accordance with our constitution (sorry a link will be added) and shall be paid on or within 7 days of application.  The renewal subscription is to be paid on each anniversary of joining. 

No member whose annual payment is in arrears may join any Hunter Association event or regatta nor attend or vote at any meeting.

Contact details

Every member shall provide the secretary with an up to date address, which shall be electronically recorded in the Hunter Association register, in accordance with current legislation and our Privacy Policy.  Any communication, electronic or otherwise, to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.

Conduct of Members

The website is intended for posting and communicating with other Hunter owners on matters relating to Hunter boats.  Members may not use the website to post any abusive, obscene, threatening and sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws.  Doing so will result in immediate and permanent exclusion from the Hunter Association and may be reported to the authorities.

Members have access to the personal information (address etc.) of members who have permitted such access.  This information is for the purposes of social interaction within the Association only, and may not be used for direct marketing or mass emailing (except by Committee members).

Members shall accept that any information, technical or otherwise, whilst given in good faith, is the opinion of the member providing that information.  It is up to members themselves to seek professional advice to be sure that the information is suitable, safe and up to date and consistent with current regulations.

The Hunter Association online library stores certain original documents relating to Hunter boats.  Members shall accept that regulations may have changed since they were originally produced and therefore members shall at all times ascertain the current regulations.

Members accept that posts they submit online may be edited, moved or, after a period of time, removed by the administrator or the moderator.

Probation period

Full Membership is valid from day payment is received and there is no probation period, however the committee reserves the right to seek further information regarding an applicant's membership.

Should the administration find an application unsuitable, and refuse entry, the committee may refund money paid, subject to any financial loss to the association being met.

Cancellation and refund of membership

You can cancel your membership at any time by going to your profile and using the cancellation tab.  Alternatively, you can inform the Secretary that you wish to cancel using the Contact Form.  No money will be refunded if membership is cancelled early.

The Committee may cancel, without notice being given, the membership of any member whose annual subscription is more than 2 months in arrears. The Committee may, at its discretion, re-instate such member upon payment of the arrears.

Upon re-application by a past member the Committee may, at its discretion, excuse payment of an Entrance Fee.

The committee reserves the right to exclude or refuse entry to membership.

Terms and conditions for Buying & Selling

Members may post advertisements for boats or items of equipment for sale, free of charge.  

The Hunter Association only offers a place for members to advertise their boats and sailing equipment and takes no responsibility for advertisements placed.

We strongly advise buyers to use a recognised marine surveyor prior to purchase of a boat, or, if necessary, seek professional advice prior to purchasing equipment.

In placing a advertisement you agree to the following:

  • The advertisement is to the best of your knowledge accurate;
  • You agree to monitor your advertisement and update it as necessary, for example, setting the Advert Status to "Under offer" or "Sold";
  • We may remove the after 3 month, unless advised differently.

The Hunter Association will not enter into any dispute between buyer or seller.