Step 1: email verification

For security reasons, we first need to verify your email address.

The registration process
Please read this before verifying your email address

We’re delighted that you want to join and hope that you will find the Hunter Association joining process quite straightforward.

There is a joining fee and annual membership fee to join the Hunter Association, set by the elected committee in the autumn.

The joining fee is currently £15, including first year membership, a membership card and also, if any are left in stock, a copy of the latest magazine. The £15 membership fee is to be paid annually on the anniversary of joining. Currently, the committee has suspended the membership renewal fee after 5 or more years continuous membership.

First of all, we have to verify your email address, for which you need to enter it here and click “Proceed with registration”. You will then be sent an email with a verification link.  This will usually arrive very soon, but may take up to 30 mins.  Please wait around and register straight away as the verification link is only valid for 24 hours.

When this has arrived, click on the verification link it contains and you will then be directed to Step 2 – a page where you will fill in details about yourself and your boat. Please complete all the red starred fields, and as many of the other fields as possible, although you will be able to return later if you wish to add further information to your Profile.

You will be asked to create a password.  For the security of the website and everyone’s information, we insist that this is a “strong” one.  We find it best if you follow the Government guidance on passwords, and use a long string of three random words.  These usually come up strong and are easy to remember and key in without error.

At the bottom of the form you will find options for payment. You may select online payment by credit/debit card or PayPal, which will give you immediate access to all the members only areas of the website (e.g. Member List, Forums, Technical Library etc.).  Alternatively you may select to complete the registration and pay later, by BACS (preferred) or cheque.  In this case you will be sent payment instructions by email, and your access will be partially limited until your payment has been received and verified by our Treasurer.

Whichever method you use, you will be sent a joining pack containing your membership card and a copy of the most recent magazine (if available) – so make sure you provide a full mailing address.

We look forward to you joining us!

Legend owners please note

Hunter is a trade name in the UK for British Hunter boats built by Hunter Boats, Select Yachts, and latterly, Lauren Marine.  If you have an “American” Hunter boat, traded in the UK as a Legend and currently being built by Marlow Legend, then you should be heading for the Legend Owners Association.