Barton car for 24mm Self Tacking Track

Barton car for 24mm Self Tacking Track

This is a replacement car for the 24mm self tacking track fitted to 27ft boats and above (not suitable for 23’s which have a narrower track).  Read my article in the Horizons magazine Issue 21 (to be published soon).  Note that this is an improved design which has dispensed with the thin steel shoulder plate which caused the wheels to jam if there was a build up of galvanic corrosion between it and the block (see my forum post on this subject).  I bought this as a temporary measure while awaiting my new Barton track with recirculating ball car, and used it for just 6 weeks – it worked perfectly, and a much cheaper solution than the new track!  Offered at nearly 50% off list price (including UK postage).

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