Breaking Yanmar 2GM 20F

Breaking Yanmar 2GM 20F

I have decided to purchase a new engine for our Horizon 30. The original  Yanmar decide to lose compression twice. the first time appears to be because the conrod was bent the second time is unknown possibly bemt con rod again but not sure.

On the first attempt the injectors wer checked, bores rehomed, new rings, valve stem seals, shells for the valves to seat in and reground, head tested and a new conrod. New lift pump was fitted.

All parts are in good working order its just the compression issue.

When the engine was lifted out for the rebuild i fitted new mounts, these are for sale with very little use. The old mounts are also available.

Control panel and loom availble also. the electrics were a little messey so i would want you to see this before you purchase.


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