Southampton Boat Show – your chance to join in!

Published by Sue Vaughan on 28th July 2019

Exciting news about this year’s Southampton Boat Show!

Edit:Please note @ 1-8, we now received enough volunteers to cover the Boat Show. Thank you to all who responded”

If you have signed up to receive emails from us you will already have heard about the marvellous opportunity we have been offered to showcase our Association and British Hunters in general at the Southampton Boat Show this year. We think that this is an excellent and exciting opportunity to get involved in something unique and bring us together socially, as well as to promote our Association and Hunters in general to a wider audience. We are asking you to support this venture wholeheartedly and get involved in whatever way you can – we can’t pull this off successfully without you.

Read on for the detail………….

John Goode is a passionate supporter of Owners Associations (ours in particular as a British classic) and frequently arranges events and receptions at the show. You may know him from his many articles and publications on yachting and seamanship.
This year John has arranged up to 5 berths at the show for Owners Associations to bring a boat to the Show – completely free of charge – from which to promote their activities to both their existing members and a wider boating audience. He has invited the Hunter Association to be one of them and we have accepted that invitation with the proviso that we can supply both a suitable Hunter to berth there and a team to man the rota over the 10 days of the show (13th-22nd Sept).

We will need to provide a larger size Hunter – say Pilot 27 upwards to showcase our class. The berth will be at a prime spot in a sheltered inside pontoon area with electricity supplied and free passes provided for our team at the show. Staying onboard overnight is allowed but not essential. The only proviso is that the boat must remain for the whole 10 days because the inside berthing layout means it will not be possible to move it during the Show. Our boat will have to berth on 12th September (the day before it opens) and will be free to move on the 23rd.

We will need to man a daily rota of ideally 2-3 persons per day. We expect there to be a half day free for all those on the rota to explore the Boat Show themselves (free of charge of course!). John has said that although the Show’s daily opening times are 10:00 am – 6:30 pm it generally takes visitors until about 11:00 until they get from the entrance to the pontoons and it goes pretty dead after 5:30 pm so hopefully that’ll make the rota a little easier. We can also look to support our volunteers with reasonable out of pocket expenses.

We would like to ask you all for your support in this:
Can you sign up for a day on the rota? You get to see the show for free, meet fellow members and share your love and knowledge of Hunter boats. What’s not to like?
You don’t have to man your boat throughout – that is what the team rota is about so we can share the task between us.

Please reply to this email address if you are able to commit some time to this both before and during the show. Contact our admin seretary if you wish to be involved


A warm thank-you to all those who have already generously offered their support and for the encouraging emails we have received. We will be in touch very soon to arrange the rota.

John Goode is also arranging a Clubs & Associations Drinks Reception which we will know more about nearer the time.
There is also a discounted ticket offer for individual members and their families and friends – buy between 1 and 5 tickets at £13.50 each and get a FREE ticket with each purchased ticket.

Make sure you have signed up to receive emails from the Association to receive updates ….and continue to watch this space!