Did you know we are on Facebook and Twitter?

Published by Sven Petersen on 1st October 2018

Did you know we are on Facebook and Twitter and have been  for some time. That is to say we have have been learning how to use it.

With Liz and Sue now onboard, as admin, also posting some interesting photos from our beautiful south and south west coast, it has increased our followers and likes.

It is a lighthearted way of keeping in contact not only with members, but the wider world who is interested in Hunter Boats.

As Hunters, is also a category of horses, we also have some followers from the horse world.

Some  of our posts do create a respnonse. Our post from the Lymington Rally had a response with a picture of a Ranger 265 in full sail.

You too can post to our Facebook account, so check “visitors” post recularly. Some  of your post we will move to our main page as in the video “sailing around Orkney”

So go on, like us on Facebook and post your pictures, amusing yarns. We love to hear from you.

Or if you have a Twitter account follow us there too!  Some posts are linked to our Facebook account but on the whole we tend to repost others post, we feel may be of interest or amusing.