About The Hunter Association

About The Hunter Association

Membership And How To Join


The Hunter Association provides a means of bringing Hunter owners together for fun sailing and social events and to share knowledge and experiences. If you wish to join the HA, please click on the link above and fill in the initial registration form.

As a result of a recent intrusion attempt, the Hunter Association website is currently protected by an additional layer of security. Existing members should enter the Members' Area and log in with the global username and password that has been emailed to you. Please watch this space for updates.

As promised in a recent letter sent to all members who had not renewed their subscriptions for 2013, those still unpaid (just over 100) have been deactivated and their details will be deleted on 31 October 2013. If you are one of these, and wish to be reactivated then please pay your £10 subscription.

If you have any comments or questions, .