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Tim Long gets sponsorship from Kingsbury

Tim Long has achieved sponsorship for his Solitaire de Figaro racing campaign this year.

by Peter Jeanneret - 12/04/2024

Tim Long - onwards and upwards

Another video from our Honorary Hunter Association Member, Tim Long, now moving into the professional offshore sailing circuit with the Solitaire de Figaro

by Peter Jeanneret - 13/11/2023

Find the missing Pilot 27s

The Hunter Association is trying to compile a list of all Hunter Pilot 27s built by this iconic British company and where they are now.

by John Milne - 23/07/2023

Southampton International Boat Show,


by Sven.p - 24/09/2022

HM the Queen

HM the Queen

by Sue Vaughan - 08/09/2022

Murdoch McGregor on Channel 4 (Edited)

Sailor of the year 2021 on “Steph’s packed lunch”

by Sven.P - 23/06/2022

HA Custom Clothing

Hunter Association clothing

by Sven Petersen for Rooster Sailing - 29/04/2022

Is the Hunter Horizon 232 the best little boat in the world?

Hunter Horizon 232

by Sven Petersen - 03/12/2021

Show time (Last Week-End)

Owners Associations at Southampton International Boat show,

by Robin Jeavons - 17/09/2021

Southampton Boat Show

Southampton International Boat Show is back. Come and meet us

by HA Boat show Team - 07/09/2021

Meet our local representative in Bristol Channel

Meet your Local Rep, Try Sailing

by Idris Dibble. - 02/09/2021

Two records broken on same weekend

Round Britain Sailing, Katie McCabe, Murdoch McGregor.

by HA news Team - 26/08/2021

Two inspiring people meet in Oban,

Or a Hunter Horizon 232 meets 26ft Morgan Giles yacht in Oban. Update. Murdoch McGregor’s facebook account of the meeting added.

by Sven Petersen - 31/07/2021

What an incredible voyage.

Round Britain in a Hunter Horizon 232 at the age of 82 in support or Mental Health UK

by News Team - 10/07/2021

Landau on Facebook.

Landau, Falanda Sailing,

by Sven Petersen - 03/07/2021

Tribute to John Goode

John Goode

by Sven Petersen - 18/05/2021

Sell your Hunter, support EMC trust.

You don’t have to be a member to sell your Hunter Boat through our website.

by Sven Petersen. - 10/04/2021

Getting ready for the sailing season

Pre-season checks

by The Hunter Team - 28/03/2021

Join The Association

As spring approaches we hope we will soon be allowed back to prepare our boats for the season ahead. Our forums are full of ideas and answers to assist you.

by Sven Petersen - 17/01/2021

Timothy Long in the news!

Since completing his solo Round Britain 2020 project Timothy has been busy!

by Liz Gingell - 04/12/2020

Our new YouTube channel!

If you have been following our Facebook page recently you will have seen a post on our ‘shiny new’ YouTube channel, British Hunter Boats.

by Liz Gingell - 22/11/2020

Vote for Timothy Long. Sailor of the Month

Timothy Long has been nominated Sailor of the Month.

by Sven Petersen - 06/11/2020

Getting ready to go ‘green’ next year?

Fitting a holding tank, solar panel, wind turbine, changing to an electric outboard, reducing, reusing or recycling waste or using environmentally friendly products are all good news for our seas.

by Liz Gingell - 19/10/2020

Timothy Long becomes the youngest solo round Britain sailor!

On Thursday 1st October 2020 Timothy Long arrived back in the Hamble, completing his 11 week, 1600nm record breaking solo sail round Britain in his Hunter Impala, Alchemy, at age 15!

by Steve & Liz Gingell - 01/10/2020

More milestones for Timothy on his Round Britain 2020 project!

Since the last update Timothy has sailed from Scotland to Northern Ireland, across the Irish Sea to Wales, then to Cornwall. On Sunday 20th September he rounded Lands End, a major milestone!

by Liz Gingell - 21/09/2020

'Half way' Round Britain 2020 project update

More milestones as Timothy leaves the East Coast of Scotland, navigates the Caledonian and Crinan Canals and heads south down the West Coast of Scotland.

by Liz Gingell - 25/08/2020

Timothy Long reaches two Round Britain 2020 project milestones!

On 7th August Timothy crossed the border into Scotland arriving in Eyemouth and he has also exceeded his charity giving target!

by Liz Gingell - 12/08/2020

Timothy's Round Britain 2020 Project update

Since leaving the Hamble on 16th July Timothy Long has crossed the Thames Estuary and The Wash and is making great progress northwards up the east coast of England.

by Liz Gingell - 03/08/2020

Timothy sets sail from the Hamble on his Round Britain 2020 Challenge

Hunter Association member Timothy Long has set sail from the Hamble. He is aiming to be the youngest person, at 15, to sail single-handed round Britain.

by Steve Gingell - 17/07/2020

Timothy Long's Round Britain Project - update

Member Timothy Long is setting off shortly to attempt to fulfil his challenge to be the youngest person, at 15, to sail single-handed around Britain, in his newly acquired Hunter Impala 28.

by Steve Gingell - 12/07/2020

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